Friday, September 19, 2008

Whose Money is It Anyway?

Your money, my money. To tax or not to tax. No one wants to see others live in hunger and poverty. Whose responsibility is this anyway? In a capitalist society we are all free to work hard and give our children a better life. When my neighbor gets a promotion, I celebrate with him. He does likewise for me. One of us succeeding does not take from the other.

In a tax-happy society, however, when I work hard and make more money, my government is taking it from me and giving it to my neighbor. I am not so happy about his good fortune because it came from my hard work.

It seems to me that the revolution that started this country was over taxation without representation. I am personally tired of not having a voice in how much we get taxed. We are a rich country. Many of us have done well by hard work. I would rather give my money to those in need than have my government take it away to finance whatever committee, study or program they deem necessary.

Our government needs an overhaul. I cannot get excited about a candidate who promises to raise taxes - even if he says it's only on the rich. Some of these rich people have worked hard for their money. I guess my eggs are going in the basket with the mavericks. Maybe they will shake it up and serve them scrambled with a tight purse string.

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