Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Painting with a Message

I took an oil painting class one summer when the kids were off to camp, and the house was quiet. What a thrill to mix those colors! How horrifying to smear some on a clean, white canvas!

When summer was over, I continued a little painting on my own. I purchased some books that showed me step by step how to create gorgeous scenes. The pictures themselves had no sentimental meaning to me, but the colors worked.

I hung my favorite above my Clavinova in my bedroom. I would sometimes look up at it as I played. I determined to paint another - one of a special place - one that had meaning.

After I was diagnosed with cancer, my one daughter asked me to be sure to paint her a picture before I was gone. Hmmm. Sounds morbid. However, it got me to thinking. I really did not know what to paint and have been scared to try again. It might not turn out.

So, I practice my Clavinova and look at the one I have already finished, wondering what I should do for her. It has to have meaning. It has to be special. Not just a copy of one out of a book.

Then, it hit me. I saw the meaning in the painting above the Clavinova. You see, there are three small trees in the midst of huge, towering pines. These little trees are standing on a rock - a rock that has water flowing past it. I could see my three daughters standing in the middle of a cold, threatening world. But, they are standing on the Rock and have the Living Water flowing past them at all times.

I did not plan this picture to have a spiritual meaning. In my meager efforts to copy it from the book, I did not even get it copied exactly right. But now, I would not have it any other way.

I will get my paints back out. I will paint pictures for my daughters. I will let God put any meaning into them that He wants. And, someday, maybe someone else will see a message for them.


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