Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Country First

I am always amazed when talk show pundits tell us what someone else should have said or not said. Since all talk these days are economic/election related, the opinions fly with the wind in a hurricane. Some I agree with. Some I don't.

One case in particular hit a nerve with me. No matter what John McCain does or says, our pundits criticise. It is probably true that he could have put Obama away in that first debate by challenging him on the 700 billion dollar bailout plan. He could have pushed for what he thought was a better alternative. He could even have pointed a few fingers at the party that got us into the mess with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

As many Republicans were warning, many Democrats were defending these institutions. Steven Holmes wrote a very interesting article in the New York Times on September 30, 1999. Check it out. Then, ask yourselves how these Democrats have the nerve to blame Republicans. The answer is actually simple. Most Americans do not keep track of what their politicians are doing. They listen at election time and take their word for anything. When they hear contradictory stories, they throw up their hands and say, "How can anyone know?"

Well, we can know. There are some things that are facts, and as Americans, we have the responsibility to get them. We also have the responsibility to teach our children about the great country they live in. They need to know how and why it was formed. They need to understand history and economics. They need to love our country.

So, why didn't John McCain blast Barak Obama in the debate. I believe he chose not to for the sake of his country. He recognized the fragile state of affairs in the economy, the fragile state of negotiations in Washington and the fragile state of business on main street. So, when Nancy Pelosi chose to make a major partisan scene prior to and during the vote, John McCain chose to put his country first.

I wish the pundits would take up his cause and bring all of this to the public's attention. Let them know how we got in this mess. Let them know who is really working for them and not their own political career. Let them know who will bring real change. Let them see the sacrifice Senator McCain is making for his country. He does put his country first. Speak for him.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Lies Have It, Or Have They?

The campaigning in our country has become a national disgrace. Political parties are spending millions and millions of dollars to promote their candidate. It would not be so bad if one could believe what they say. Then we could make a well educated decision and go on with life.

But, the lies keep coming. When they come from the opposing side, we scream outrage. When they start coming from our favored party, we pray to God that this is truth. Alas, it is not always. So, what is a common citizen to do?

To begin with, let's not lie to ourselves. Call a spade a spade. We need to let our leaders and the media know how absolutely appalling we find this and promise not to vote for them in the future.

With the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn earlier this year, I looked up his article "Live Not by Lies." He looked on his country, the Soviet Union, and pondered what could have been done. His advice was for the individual - so I share parts with you.

First, do not participate in lies, even if you may benefit. Renounce lies when faced with them. We are still in a free country. Be courageous and scream the truth if necessary. In our timidity we give credence to lies.

Second, do not speak, write or print any falsehood or even slight distortions of the truth.

Third, do not share any falsehood or half truth in the arts, sciences or academia in general.

Fourth, do not quote out of context in order to leave an untrue impression.

Fifth, walk out of meetings, lectures, performances etc. if the speaker is spreading shameless propaganda.

Sixth, do not subscribe to newspapers or magazines which cannot be trusted to give truth.

So, start today. Start with your family. Try the truth out on your friends. Speak only truth. Listen only to truth. Hold those accountable who deceive you. Make a difference in your world today.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Whose Money is It Anyway?

Your money, my money. To tax or not to tax. No one wants to see others live in hunger and poverty. Whose responsibility is this anyway? In a capitalist society we are all free to work hard and give our children a better life. When my neighbor gets a promotion, I celebrate with him. He does likewise for me. One of us succeeding does not take from the other.

In a tax-happy society, however, when I work hard and make more money, my government is taking it from me and giving it to my neighbor. I am not so happy about his good fortune because it came from my hard work.

It seems to me that the revolution that started this country was over taxation without representation. I am personally tired of not having a voice in how much we get taxed. We are a rich country. Many of us have done well by hard work. I would rather give my money to those in need than have my government take it away to finance whatever committee, study or program they deem necessary.

Our government needs an overhaul. I cannot get excited about a candidate who promises to raise taxes - even if he says it's only on the rich. Some of these rich people have worked hard for their money. I guess my eggs are going in the basket with the mavericks. Maybe they will shake it up and serve them scrambled with a tight purse string.

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