Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Diary of a Muzzleloader Hunter

I don’t hunt. I don’t read outdoor magazines. I don’t even own a gun. So, why would I read a book about a Muzzleloader Hunter?

Simple - friendship. When a friend of yours from college lets on that he kept a diary while hunting in the UP with his buddies AND you are a writer, the most natural thing is to encourage him to turn it into a book. Miracle of miracles – he did. So, I read it.

What a fun read! In his unique voice Dave shares his feelings and frustrations as he takes the reader on a wilderness hunt with his muzzleloader. Day by day he introduces his friends and shows us the land. As he tracks his big one, he teaches us about the area – the hills, the swamp and the forestation.

Dave’s book, however, is not about teaching us the ins and outs of muzzleloader hunting. It is a book about friendship and camaraderie. It is about loving the land. It is about tradition.

Year after year, Dave returns – often with the same friends, sometimes with new ones. All have a love for the hunt and the land. Year after year, conditions vary – sometimes cold and snowy, sometimes warm and snow free. Year after year, the deer herd changes; numbers change; gender ratios change.

Dave shows us a progression with the hunts and the hunters. We get a sense of moving through the time with him. We know the book will end, but how will he finish in a satisfying way? It is a diary after all. Dave has managed to bring it to a gratifying conclusion. Thank you Dave for sharing this and allowing us to be a part of it.

Copies are available from Dave at

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