Wednesday, March 16, 2011


No words can adequately describe the catastrophe in Japan. An earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear meltdown. Suffering beyond comprehension, but the Japanese people stand patiently in lines, hoping to receive bare necessities.

Reminds me of a WWII veteran that I interviewed several years ago. His brother had flown a P-38 Lightning fighter plane in the Pacific, but went down in 1945. My friend entered the service after graduation and shipped out to be part of the invasion of Japan when the bomb was dropped.

With this turn of events, this young man went in to establish health services instead of conquering. He began with a hatred for the Japanese, but left with a love for them. Why? They were polite, kind and respectful. Simple as that.

Now these dear people are facing another tragedy. We have no way to imagine the loss of life, homes, businesses, power, food and land. We can definitely help, and should, but we can also learn from their courteous way.

Americans have huge hearts and hate to see others suffer. We will help, but let us learn from the Japanese. We could be a little more polite, kind and respectful also.

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At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Jim Rapp said...

I love your comments. How blessed we are with health and security. It may not always be that way but we need to feel compassion for those who suffer. The world seems to be in melt-down mode, not just in Japan but also in the Middle East, Africa, and other places. We can't cure all the problems but we can ask the Holy Spirit to reach out in ways that will bring comfort to those who suffer and draw them to a knowledge of God and his love for them.


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