Monday, January 24, 2005


Winter has come; the cold is here,
Wisconsin winter brings no cheer.

She packs her bag, this granny so bold,
She locks her door, "Goodbye," we're told.

She dares to flee, these frozen lands,
To warm and sunny Arizona sands.

The granny is actually my mother, but she is also grandmother to 13, and yes, she did go to Arizona. However, this mother of mine told me she would watch the weather because the ice and snow had been abundant in the south. I watched also. The weather channel is so wonderful. You can see those storms coming and wait it out. Keeps us all safer, or so we thought.

For some reason, she waited until that huge ice storm was headed for the midwest and decided it was time to go. I don't know what she was thinking. One thing I know for sure, it was easier having 3 teenage daughters than a mother to worry about. She doesn't listen nearly as well.

At least around Missouri she discovered slippery roads. No kidding! Dah! Well, she is safe now and all the way to Arizona. I do hope her trailer had not floated away. Well, here's to a warm, dry time in the sunny south.


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