Saturday, November 13, 2004

Eating Elephants

You know what they say - when it comes to eating elephants anyway. One bite at a time. Okay, I got that, but the elephant has been awfully big and it is taking forever to get it done. The end is coming though. I can see it.

I have only one small wall left to paint. I started last summer. The whole house needed it. However, halfway through the first of many walls Rebecca and Terry both got sick. For sure, they can be sick all by themselves and do not need me to help them be sick. But, each had a problem with their lungs which meant that they couldn't breathe in the house while I was painting.

First I only painted on days when Terry was at the Music lesson center. Working around Rebecca's problems were a little harder. I just tabled the whole idea for a while. We had a partially painted living room for most of the summer. About the time she was well enough for me to try it again, school started. That means there are 4 teaching days here instead of the summer's more relaxed schedule of 3. So, I have been doomed to paint only on Fridays and Saturdays. To make it worse, I needed to do 2 coats. One just was not covering and I figured as long as I have things tore up, I may as well do 2 right now.

This weekend I finished one more wall. Hopefully, next weekend I can do the last one in the family room behind the piano. This has been a very large elephant for me but I will have painted living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway upstairs and family room and hallway downstairs. That's a lot for me. Next year we may try the bedrooms if I am crazy enough to forget how much work it is to eat an elephant.

I am anxiously awaiting the last cleanup. I will then get out the other brushes and put some paint on canvas again. Somehow, that is a lot more fun and not nearly as tiring.

The other thoughts going through my head today are thoughts of our troops wherever they are all over the world. I never thought I took them for granted and I did remember to pray often for them. Now, however, our nephew Logan is headed for Iraq and I find my prayers more urgent. Remember to pray for the men and women who are trying to do their duty and give us a safer world. I truly do appreciate them and am brainstorming for ways to help them.


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